Maruken Office of Administrative Document Specialist : Immigration Lawyer

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Hi, there ! 
My name is Ken Fukumoto living in Chiba Prefecture. 
 I am a Gyosei-shoshi and Immigration Lawyer, 
which is almost equivalent of an attorney or solicitor. 
If you need help about legal troubles or visa matters, etc, 
do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

  œAs Immigration Lawyer
  Application for Extension of Period of Stay.
  Changing status of Residence, Permanent Residence, and so on.

  œAs Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer
  Firm Establishment. Legal Consultation.

  œAs Master of English
  Translation for legal documents, diagnoses, contracts, websites, etc.
  Japanese-English   \15 per letter
  English-Japanese   \25 per word
  Interpreting Attendant.
  In case you are ordered to be in court...
           \7500/hour, including tax, excluding transportation expenses
  The other allowance may be needed, 
  which depends on how far I should go and how long I should spend in all.




  Maruken Office of Administrative Document Specialist
  President  FUKUMOTO Ken'ichi
          110-0016@Tokoyo-to Taito-ku Taito 4-31-7-203
         TEL: +81-90-1126-9432/FAX: +81-3-5812-4182
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